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Auto Care Tips

If you own your own cars then chances are you want that car to run smoothly for as long as possible. When you keep up with your regular auto repair needs, then cars tend to stay alive for much longer. There are several small auto repair tricks that you can do that will keep the engine light off, tires in check, and keep you riding in style in your cars or trucks and everything in between. Young’s Auto Care Center fixes, tips, and easy ways to keep you riding in style and as smoothly as possible for a long time yet.

Change your coolant
The rule of thumb when it comes to changing your coolant is to change it every 24,000 miles if you have the regular green coolant and every 100,00 miles if you use the extended life coolant. If you do not change your coolant out at the right time, then you can end up with a radiator going bad, as well as a heater core and a water pump that will wear out and need to be replaced. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars, so it is best to spend a few bucks changing your coolant now, then paying thousands of dollars later.

Checking your oil and having it changed is a big deal
It is very important to look at the sticker that Norco mechanics put on the windshield of your car after every oil change so that you know when the next time will be that you need to change your fluids. Staying on top of oil changes will cost you about 30 dollars each time whereas the cost for neglecting these components could cost you upwards of $1,500 in repairs just to make the engine light go off.

Check your cabin air filter
Once a year you should change the cabin air filters, especially in trucks. After about a year of use, the air filter starts to get clogged with all of the dust, dirt, and grime that builds up in it and puts an extra load or strain on the A/C system in the car. This extra load on the system can reduce how well it gives your car heat and air output and in the long run, can cause total damage and cause you to need to replace it totally.

Clean your headlights
If you notice that your headlights seem dimmer than they used to be or that the output looks cloudy, then you may think that you need to buy all new headlights altogether. The reality is that you may just need to clean your headlights to restore them to their former brightness. You can do this by purchasing a headlight cleaning kit designed just for this reason.

Clean off your batteries if you notice that they are corroded
Every now and then when you open your car hood, it is important to glance at your battery to see if there is any corrosion on there which will look like a fine white chalky powder. Leaving corrosion on your battery can put extra strain on your battery’s ability to charge and it can mess with the computer systems that internally control your car. Cleaning your battery off will be your best bet to keep these expensive electrical problems at bay.

Check your tires periodically
Since you drive your car every day, your tires experience a lot of wear and tear which leads to a flat tire. Every few months, especially when the seasons change, you should perform a tire rotation and check the tire pressure.