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Caring For Your Engine With  Burnaby Car Repair Experts

An engine is considered the heart of a car. We must understand that an engine functions at its best when it’s serviced from time to time. A small slip up in fixing our car can cost us thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs.

You may want to know what we must do to keep our car engine functioning at its zenith.

1. Inspect your engine oil regularly

If we think of our car engine as the heart of the car, engine oil is like the food that keeps it up and running. The primary duty of the oil is to minimize the friction between various components of the engine. Oiling will eliminate the chances of your engine wearing out due to prolonged abrasion.

To find out how often you should replace your engine oil, consult your car’s official handbook for surety. However, you can always use your handy dipstick to ascertain the engine’s oil level.

If the engine’s oil looks a shade darker than its usual color, it’s time to change the oil with Burnaby car repair experts nearby.

2. Save your engine from heating up

When your coolant light is on, it’s a cry of help from your overheating engine. A coolant helps to keep the engine’s temperatures from exceeding their limit. Always keep an eye on the car engine’s coolant level. It would help if you also looked at any signs of coolant leakage.

3. Take out some time for your car’s servicing

Your car’s functioning is affected if you don’t tune up your car regularly. Usually, the service center replaces or cleans your car’s air filters, PCV valves, etc. The frequency of your car’s servicing depends hugely on the type of car you drive. A car servicing is usually pre-scheduled once your odometer exceeds 60K to 90K miles.

4. Check your timing belt regularly

A timing belt is very crucial to the healthy functioning of your car engine. It is responsible for coordinating the movement of valves and pistons in the car engine. A malfunctioning timing belt, if left unnoticed, can completely disrupt the functioning of your car engine. Once your timing belt is spoiled, the repair costs can rack up to hundreds of dollars.

You can avoid this whole ordeal by merely checking your timing belt now and then, which will take a few minutes at the most. Some of the symptoms of a defective timing belt can be a ticking engine, a misfiring engine, or even an oil leakage.

We advise changing your time belt every 60K-105K miles.

5. Replace your air filter regularly

The air filters are responsible for improving airflow in your engine. It keeps dust and debris out of the engine and improves its overall efficiency. You should always check out your air filters if you drive on dusty roads a lot. It is best to find out how often you should change your air filter from your car manufacturer or your car manual. On average, most air filters need to be changed every 25K miles.

6. Regularly replace chaffed drive belts

A worn-out drive belt can be just as lethal as a worn-out timing belt. If you hear a squeaky noise from your engine repeatedly, you should contact a technician and get your drive belt changed as soon as possible. However, don’t wait for these signs to appear, and check your drive belts every time you are self-servicing your car.

7. Replace the spark plugs and wires

The spark plugs improve the  engine’s overall performance and prevent cold starts and misfiring problems. It would be best if you replace your spark plugs every 30K miles, as prescribed in most handbooks. They are quite affordable and don’t take a lot of time to replace them. Experts also suggest replacing both the wires and the spark plugs to match up the spark plugs’ electric currents in use.

8. Change your fuel filter occasionally

A fuel filter is responsible for filtering unwanted contaminants while the fuel feeds into the engine. The fuel filter can become ineffective if you do not replace it as per the recommended schedules. Make sure that you read the manual to find out the period, after which you should replace your fuel filter, as this may vary from car to car.

9. Sustain your car’s electrical system

People have an inexplicable habit of leaving the car battery to its fate. Then, on a cold Monday morning, the car won’t start up because of low maintenance. Does this scenario sound familiar? Here are some tips to avoid this from happening again in the future-

· Drive your automobile regularly

Many people don’t notice that driving the car once a week keeps its battery charged and in a healthy condition. If a vehicle is left static for weeks, it might result in the car not firing up. Hence, you should take your car out for a drive at least once a week. You can also leave the engine running for around 30 minutes to recharge the car battery. If you are going out on vacation for an extended period, you can disconnect the battery before leaving.

· Don’t leave the car’s electricals on without its engine up and running:

If your motor is not running, never leave your radio or car lights on for a prolonged period. This practice will ultimately lead to your battery being completely drained. Remember when Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were left stranded in a desert without any food or water? You wouldn’t want to repeat that case in real life anytime soon. Leave the car keys out of the ignition; otherwise, this will suck up all the battery in less than a few hours.

· Keep your battery case tidy

Studies have shown that excess dirt and moisture can damage your battery and lead to battery charge failure. It can also result in corrosion on the battery’s terminals. You can occasionally clean your car battery with water and apply some grease to protect it from any dirt or moisture.

Long Road Trips


Before taking any long road trips across BC  have your car or truck checked over with a mechanic to see if the vehicle is in good condition for  the current weather and highway conditions.

Remember to pack extra food and water for trips over the mountains.




Norco auto repairs

Young’s Auto Care Center Norco Auto Repair Tips

Young’s Auto Care Center Norco CA

Auto Care Tips

If you own your own cars then chances are you want that car to run smoothly for as long as possible. When you keep up with your regular auto repair needs, then cars tend to stay alive for much longer. There are several small auto repair tricks that you can do that will keep the engine light off, tires in check, and keep you riding in style in your cars or trucks and everything in between. Young’s Auto Care Center fixes, tips, and easy ways to keep you riding in style and as smoothly as possible for a long time yet.

Change your coolant
The rule of thumb when it comes to changing your coolant is to change it every 24,000 miles if you have the regular green coolant and every 100,00 miles if you use the extended life coolant. If you do not change your coolant out at the right time, then you can end up with a radiator going bad, as well as a heater core and a water pump that will wear out and need to be replaced. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars, so it is best to spend a few bucks changing your coolant now, then paying thousands of dollars later.

Checking your oil and having it changed is a big deal
It is very important to look at the sticker that Norco mechanics put on the windshield of your car after every oil change so that you know when the next time will be that you need to change your fluids. Staying on top of oil changes will cost you about 30 dollars each time whereas the cost for neglecting these components could cost you upwards of $1,500 in repairs just to make the engine light go off.

Check your cabin air filter
Once a year you should change the cabin air filters, especially in trucks. After about a year of use, the air filter starts to get clogged with all of the dust, dirt, and grime that builds up in it and puts an extra load or strain on the A/C system in the car. This extra load on the system can reduce how well it gives your car heat and air output and in the long run, can cause total damage and cause you to need to replace it totally.


Clean your headlights
If you notice that your headlights seem dimmer than they used to be or that the output looks cloudy, then you may think that you need to buy all new headlights altogether. The reality is that you may just need to clean your headlights to restore them to their former brightness. You can do this by purchasing a headlight cleaning kit designed just for this reason.

Clean off your batteries if you notice that they are corroded
Every now and then when you open your car hood, it is important to glance at your battery to see if there is any corrosion on there which will look like a fine white chalky powder. Leaving corrosion on your battery can put extra strain on your battery’s ability to charge and it can mess with the computer systems that internally control your car. Cleaning your battery off will be your best bet to keep these expensive electrical problems at bay.

Check your tires periodically
Since you drive your car every day, your tires experience a lot of wear and tear which leads to a flat tire. Every few months, especially when the seasons change, you should perform a tire rotation and check the tire pressure.

Jem grip auto tire shop

Jem Grip Auto Tire maintenance frequent asked questions (FAQs)

Jem Grip Auto Tire makes Winter Driving Easier

Winter is the worst season for driving. Apart from the snow and ice, visibility is at its lowest. To add to that list, there are so many drivers on the road. After all, everyone wants to be on the road during the holidays. And the worst nightmare is that temperatures would be below zero.

When winter comes, it is time you know everything about maintaining your vehicle. Undoubtedly, you could use some FAQs about winter auto maintenance.

  1. How do I check my antifreeze/coolant?

During winter, Jem Grip Auto Tire in Coquitlam BC recommends using a mixture of water and antifreeze. The mixture is more effective than using only antifreeze. Your reservoir should be reading antifreeze/coolant. It should also indicate a cold or hot sign. Hot means that your car has been running while cold means your car has been resting.

Equally important is the level of your antifreeze/coolant mixture. You should fill it up to the line if it is running low. To keep your system clean, you should flush your radiator once every few years.

  1. Should I always buy new tires for winter?

It is not necessary that you spend on new tires every time winter comes around in Coquitlam. You could use your last season winter tires; they still have their treads on to keep you safe on the road. However, if you have never invested in winter tires in the past you should be ready to buy them this season.

  1. Can I tell when my tire pressure is low, and how?

With every 10 degrees drop in temperature, tire pressure decreases by one pound. It is obvious that you will be running on low tire pressure during winter. You should check your tire pressure after a week or two. The latest cars come with a tire pressure monitoring system. However, if yours is relatively old, you should visit your local auto shop more often for pressure gauging.

  1. Is it necessary that I buy a new battery?

You are right to worry about your auto battery on the onset of winter. The cold weather will take a toll on your battery. But with a good battery, your chances of beating the cold weather are very high. Your auto repair shop services department should be willing to test it for you.

If you have used your battery for more than 4 years, you should not be so hopeful for uneventful winter. At this age, most batteries are living on borrowed time. While some batteries can keep working for as long as 9 years, you should not be taking such a risk during winter.

  1. Can all-season tires take your car through winter?

Winter or all-season tires? This is a question many car owners have to wrestle with. Well, it is time you get the right answer once and for all. If you usually get ice and snow during winter, the only think to keep you safe on the road are winter tires. On the other hand, if you only get light showers during winter, you are good with all-season tires.

Hudsons Eurofix

European Vehicles and Langley Audi Repairs and Service

How to keep your Audi repairs and servicing in a tip-top shape

When you bought your European car, you had a good reason for it. Maybe it was because of its superior safety features or the mere performance on the road, or you simply liked its looks. Whatever the reason, you would never want to get less from your car. And so you know, not every mechanic or auto shop has the competence to handle your European-made car.

Why only a Langley Audi car specialist should service it

At its best, your car should give you incredible performance and keep doing so for a long time. It is never your intention to see your once expensive car becoming a ghost of what it used to be. To keep the promise of top performance from your vehicle here is why you should only trust a European car specialist with its servicing:

  • They understand the value of your car

Your car does not come cheap and whoever is servicing it should understand and appreciate that fact. A mechanic who knows the value of your car will respect it and ensure it only gets the best service worth its name.

  • Your car gets personalized attention

These are people who probably own that kind of car or they just have a passion for such cars. In their hands, your ride will be as good as in your own hands.

  • Long life and top performance

You will leave the European car shop with the assurance that you are not coming back soon (maybe you will be back for routine maintenance but not for any major problem). You deserve this peace of mind.

3 things you must ascertain before booking your car servicing

Every time you take your car for service, it has to be the best hands. So before you give a nod to that auto repair shop for your Audi, BMW or Volkswagen; these 3 things must be guaranteed:

  • Auto mechanic matching the quality of your car

It is really tempting to take your prestigious car to the cheapest service provider or a dealership mechanic. Please don’t; it is not worth it. It is popularly said that you “get what you pay for” and this is true with servicing prestigious cars. When it comes to serving your European car, do not skimp on the cost because you did spend a fortune buying it. Choose topnotch service and you can rest assured that you will get quality spare parts from a mechanic who knows your car inside out.

  • Excellent customer service

Just like the great service you get from your BMW or Audi, you should give back the same quality service by choosing the best auto shop. A good mechanic knows how to handle clients, will be knowledgeable on European cars, and most importantly appreciate the value of your BMW or any other European make.

  • Certified car experts

Do not be in a hurry to settle for your car’s service provider. Make sure the mechanic you are entrusting with your ride is certified and qualified to handle European cars. It is easy for anyone to brand himself or herself as qualified. Mechanics who have joined local motor associations would be a better choice for your car. It makes sense to find someone who knows how to work around your car attending to its needs.


The Excitement of Kart Racing

Kart Racing 101

Kart racing is a kind of motorsport, and one of the most affordable ways to go fast on four wheels and race around in a competitive environment. It utilizes open-wheeled cars that are powered by small engines, in lorries that weigh only around 160lbs without the chauffeur. With that little weight to haul around, even using small engines, these things can reach speeds in excess of 100mph. That’s quick in anybody’s book.

The Hardware Utilized In Kart Racing

Compared to other kinds of motorsport, the hardware in kart racing appears entry-level, and in fact it is. Engines are easier in these automobiles, and don’t need that much maintenance in bigger, more costly engines. The chassis building of kart racers are of tube steel, which holds the engine and drivetrain elements in location, as well as functioning as the suspension, since karts do not have springs or dampers to make sure that the tires put the power down to the ground. There are a couple of distinctions in ideas when it pertains to chassis design, because considering that the steel tubes likewise work as the lorry’s suspension, then it has to be adjustable, so that traction and lorry behavior can also be changed according to track conditions.

Driver Factor

In karting, due to the fact that it is a form of racing that has great speed, close competition, and extreme accuracy due to its small size and maneuverability, the motorist aspect of the race is greater compared with other types of car motor sport. A lot depends upon the driver because of the truth that it depends upon the judgment of the chauffeur to take the automobile as close to the pinnacle of a corner as is humanly possible. This equates to just centimeters on track, and it also takes a fair quantity of nerve to take a vehicle to its limits, and have a track barrier that near you, corner after corner.

Learning While Karting

Due to the affordable nature of the sport, karting is likewise utilized as a tool to teach striving chauffeurs the essentials of racing methods, because much of the underlying concepts of racing karts use also to other forms of motorsports, and this is a form of racing that can exemplify the value of excellent method more than any other sport. Various chauffeurs have utilized karting as a stepping stone to proceed to greater types of motorsport, and not a few super star drivers have karting experience as their structure on racing. Racing Types As is the norm for the majority of paved-venue races in other forms of motorsport, kart racing likewise uses the same formats for races. These might be typically categorized as circuit, sprint, or even speedway occasions. In circuit and sprint races, chauffeurs should take their devices through left and right corners, and the course design either primarily going clockwise or anticlockwise for circuit and endurance races. Sprint races don’t have the ending of a race course beginning another lap, and as such, can be considered a one-lap race. Circuit and endurance racing guidelines differ depending on the class and particular race type. Some other endurance racing competitors run automobiles continuously, even for 24 Hr, with 2 or more motorists per vehicle. Another kind of kart race, called an enduro-sprint race, is a form that integrates sprint racing and endurance, with continuous running of lorries without pitstops for 30 minutes of more.


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